Thursday, June 11, 2015

New version should kill the pages properly

Chased the last bug down. Same routine as before.

Fixed the latest wrinkle..

... and hopefully built in some intelligence so that we can forgo a few updates in the future.

Grab the new exe, replace the old, make some points and send some codes!

Later taters.

Holy crap guys!

They literally just changed the page. Again. I'm going to have to write in some logic to just handle this silliness. Give me a few min.

Breaking Bing (or how I learned to love the rapid-fire page change fix paradigm)

Bing is at it again. If your BingR is broken (it should be) then just grab the new version and drop it wherever you had the last one.

Back in bizznatch.

Let me know if y'all see any issues with the new version.

Send me some codes if I'm making you money.