Thursday, June 11, 2015

New version should kill the pages properly

Chased the last bug down. Same routine as before.

Fixed the latest wrinkle..

... and hopefully built in some intelligence so that we can forgo a few updates in the future.

Grab the new exe, replace the old, make some points and send some codes!

Later taters.

Holy crap guys!

They literally just changed the page. Again. I'm going to have to write in some logic to just handle this silliness. Give me a few min.

Breaking Bing (or how I learned to love the rapid-fire page change fix paradigm)

Bing is at it again. If your BingR is broken (it should be) then just grab the new version and drop it wherever you had the last one.

Back in bizznatch.

Let me know if y'all see any issues with the new version.

Send me some codes if I'm making you money.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daily Email

I fixed the daily email (along with the new style login, daily searches, etc.) and a reddit user pointed out that it's reporting (basically) yesterday's totals. This is because I'm scraping the dashboard before I get the daily offers to get the total. I simply moved the daily offers routine to after the searches so it'll have a much more accurate total. The email will still be a few short because it won't include that day's daily searches but it'll be more accurate.

Enjoy. Get the new exe, cover up the old one. Send in a code or 2. Love ya bitches!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Email working now and New Style set as default

I got a big-boy email service so the 'send email when credits > threshold' option will work once again. Since it seems that a majority of accounts have moved to the new style logins, I also flipped the time-out so now OLD accounts will wait 10 extra seconds. Luddites be damned!


Grab the new exe and copy over your old one to get the flipped login times and working email with the new servers and API.

The CheckR

I updated the CheckR to work with the new login styles. Same caveats - 10 second delay for any pages running the new format.

Side note: The LOOK of the page doesn't determine the new format. It's actually a part of the page that the BingR looks at to know if it's logged in or not. That hasn't been changed across the board yet.

Get the BingR from the downloads page and copy it over your old exe file. You'll be good to go.

Send a code or paypal or just bookmark that Amazon link and use it anytime you visit

Thanks kids

Monday, January 19, 2015

Well, THAT was a productive lunch!

Daily offers - FIXED
New Style Login - FIXED (with 10 second delay)

Happy lunchtime, bitches (dog joke again). I was able to get right to the root of the problem thanks to a few crazy-ass Redditors who were willing to give me full access to their accounts with this "new" login action. Good, trusting people those Redditors; as a gift I've sent several hilariously threatening letters to heads of state from your accounts. Enjoy your free cavity searches every time you fly from now on!

NOTES: for the new login (if you have one of these), it will take a full 10 seconds longer to login. This will be fixed if MS eventually moves all pages over to the new format, but at this point it's not a big deal.

I fixed the daily offers. Sorry it took so long but finding one solitary letter in a full wall of shitty Microskank text isn't easy.

Love you guys - please send me a code or donation when you get one.


Update coming

I'll look into the bot this week, I have several obligations already so it maybe be Thur or Fri before I have an opportunity to check into it. I'm afraid though, updating to the new format will break old account and vice/versa. I may need to build in a toggle for new/old style login for each account which may take a lot more time. Bribes are appreciated.