Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mobile Only Added

So, I know a lot of you guys have your routines where you get your regular Bing points and you don't wanna use the BingR to get your main 15-30 daily points. HOWEVER, BingR is the only way to get your mobile 10 extra points in an automated fashion easily.

SO - to accommodate you kids I've put in a few loops that'll check if you have mobile checked but NOT regular OR Facebook. If that is what you've selected (and you have Chrome picked because remember mobile and IE don't work) it'll just run your accounts for mobile.

So, if you want to just do mobile ONLY with BingR

  • Add emails to appropriate section(s) [MicrosoftRewardsEmails] or [FacebookRewardsEmails]
  • UseMicrosoftRewards=0 AND UseFacebookRewards=0
  • Mobile=1
I also did some tweaking to the login paths so you'll see a little different pages popping up at each login.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Upgrades and Bug Fixes

I added a settings.ini parameter called "SLOW". Set this to 1 if you're on a crappy computer and it'll wait longer between login checks and searches.

I changed the way the login works. Now instead of sending the characters 1 at a time it'll send the entire string at once. This should cut down on missed emails/passwords

I added bing-pong back to the Chckr so if you do miss some searches you can use that tool if you like.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just uploaded a slightly tweaked version of BingR. Just so you know, logging OUT of Bing is really hard. They have some persistent cookies or something. I've changed the logout method slightly to try to get past an issue a few people were having where BingR would popup a windows shutdown dialogue. I *think* that was because I was capturing the window handle incorrectly. Hit me up on reddit, twitter or here with your feedback.

Thanks guys!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Facebook support added

Whew - Facebook sucks. I had to do a pretty major revamp of the settings.ini structure so anyone who has been using this should delete their current settings.ini file and let BingR create a new one. Remember that I'm saving your emails in emailbackup.txt so you don't have to re-do them all.

I got Facebook working but note that it is without error checking so if it misses your login you'll have to re-launch the BingR. I'll work on error checking at some point later but from what I saw it'll be hard to accomplish. Mobile does work however (once again, Chrome only) for Facebook logins even though it's also a pretty fugly method.

I managed to get IE 10 and IE 11 to both work by checking versions. I would be able to get older versions to work but I'd need y'all's help with that since I don't have access to them (and they suck it anyway).

I also added a super quick popup at the beginning of the program that'll show you the ini settings. You can hit Play/Pause or the Pause key to stop it from disappearing (2 seconds) so you can peruse your settings. If you do make adjustments you'd need to restart BingR.

ChckR good for Facebook now!
NOTE:  the ChckR doesn't support Facebook yet - just regular logins. I'll get around to that soon.

I'll post a new helpfile for ini config soon

10 extra Bing points per day!

I've found a way to automagically spoof the user agent so that it seems like the BingR is sending from an iPhone.  That way, you'll get the 10 extra mobile browsing points every fricking day! A little quick math...
10 points a day x 365 days = 3650 points / 475 points = 7.68 Amazon $5 cards for each account or $38.42. Say you're running 5 accounts, that's a grand total of and extra $192.10 a year just for using my awesome free program! Thanks to Nutshell38 for bringing this to my attention!

What happens:

BingR runs like normal, gets your pre-set number of searches (15, 20, 30 points) for all your accounts. It then rolls back through your accounts but from a 'mobile' browser and does 20 more searches for your 10 extra daily mobile points! I split the desktop and mobile searches up so it looks like you did desktop searches for a while then wandered off and did mobile from your phone :)

What you need to do:

Use the Chrome option (mobile spoofing doesn't work in I.E. for this). If you're already a BingR user (who isn't?), you'll need to add this to the end of your settings.ini:


OR just delete your settings.ini and let BingR make you a new one. If you decide to delete you'll need to re-add your email addresses (I've stored them in a text file called 'emailbackup.txt' in the BingR folder for just such an emergency)

What you could do if you wanted to (hint hint)

Donate a little cashbitcoin or some codes

Monday, January 6, 2014

Chckr Updated with Bing-Pong Link!

As I was using the checker I found that if I did locate an account that had missed it's searches I'd just go ahead and launch Bing-Pong.com and wrap them up that way. I decided to simply include that in the checker to make it that much easier! See below for what the checker launches for each account now...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Login Error Checking added

I added a loop to verify that you've actually logged into an account. It'll try each account 3 times (I can change this if y'all have a strong reason to not try 3 (more or less)). If it is unsuccessful after 3 tries then the program will write the failure to errorlog.txt and move on to your next account. If you're getting failures you might want to try these things:

  • fix whatever you've f'd up in the settings.ini file
  • figure out why your internet is so damn slow
  • wait for Microsoft to get their shit together