Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 extra Bing points per day!

I've found a way to automagically spoof the user agent so that it seems like the BingR is sending from an iPhone.  That way, you'll get the 10 extra mobile browsing points every fricking day! A little quick math...
10 points a day x 365 days = 3650 points / 475 points = 7.68 Amazon $5 cards for each account or $38.42. Say you're running 5 accounts, that's a grand total of and extra $192.10 a year just for using my awesome free program! Thanks to Nutshell38 for bringing this to my attention!

What happens:

BingR runs like normal, gets your pre-set number of searches (15, 20, 30 points) for all your accounts. It then rolls back through your accounts but from a 'mobile' browser and does 20 more searches for your 10 extra daily mobile points! I split the desktop and mobile searches up so it looks like you did desktop searches for a while then wandered off and did mobile from your phone :)

What you need to do:

Use the Chrome option (mobile spoofing doesn't work in I.E. for this). If you're already a BingR user (who isn't?), you'll need to add this to the end of your settings.ini:


OR just delete your settings.ini and let BingR make you a new one. If you decide to delete you'll need to re-add your email addresses (I've stored them in a text file called 'emailbackup.txt' in the BingR folder for just such an emergency)

What you could do if you wanted to (hint hint)

Donate a little cashbitcoin or some codes

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