The BingR

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The BingR is an extremely versatile Windows program that will help you maximize your Bing Rewards payouts. The feature list is impressive - here are the highlights:

Version now gets double March Monday points! If you're running an older version, update now!

  • The only bot that'll get your Desktop, Daily Offers AND mobile points each day (that's an extra $190 + a year in Amazon cards!)
  • Regular Microsoft Bing accounts AND Facebook accounts both supported!
  • Can email you when an account reaches a goal you set!
  • Tracks your account progress in a local text log so you can watch your credits climb!
  • No limits on the number of accounts you can use. Go crazy, you silly kids!
  • Complete control of the timing between searches
  • Complete control of the timing between account logins
  • Will work with either Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • Can use your own custom wordlist to make it seem more human
  • Can be scheduled so that it'll just fire up at night when you're asleep = zero effort!
  • Works on a locked workstation (great for running while you're at lunch or asleep) feature not available in this release
  • Designed to be schedule with Windows Task Scheduler so you can 'set and forget it!'
  • Checks for successful login -if not, it'll try 3 times then move to the next account. 
  • Comes with the BingR ChckR - a free program that will login to your accounts, allow you to see what's up with each one and then move to the next. A HUGEMONGEOUS time saver!
    *update* the ChckR now launches an additional bing-pong window so you can just put a nail in any missed searches using that tool!
  • Use simple shortcut keys to interact with the program easily and efficiently.
  • Stand-Alone program. Nothing to install, nothing to uninstall. No fuss, no mess!
  • Completely Free software (donations are appreciated - I take Amazon codes HINT HINT!)